About i-LAN Technology Pty Ltd

i-LAN Technology Pty Ltd was formed in July 2007, taking over the trade name of DrayTek Australia from NBS/DDC Aust. . DrayTek Australia introduced DrayTek products to the Australian and New Zealand markets in 2002. Located in Seven Hills in Sydney NSW, i-LAN Technology provides sales, technical and warehousing support services to corporate, business and residential customers. i-LAN’s products are channelled through a network of distributors and resellers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Since its inception, broadband technology has evolved drastically and in many ways. ADSL1 has given way to ADSL2 and ADSL2+ with maximum ADSL downstream/upstream capacities increasing from 12Mbps/1Mbps to 24Mbps/3.5Mbps. Wireless LAN has jumped from a maximum speed of 64Mbps in IEEE 802.11g to 300Mbps in IEEE 802.11n. Similar technological progress has been made in other areas including VoIP, Firewall, QoS and bandwidth management. In the sphere of mobile communication, 3G has superseded other technologies and has become the mainstream offering for mobile and remote broadband services. Furthermore, multiple WAN is fast becoming the norm for businesses who depend on full reliability of their internet access.

As technology continues to develop and evolve so rapidly, i-LAN Technology strives to be a leader in the arena of network and broadband equipment by pioneering product features and functions well ahead of their competitors. Since DrayTek’s establishment in 1997, DrayTek products have given the market what it wants: full set of protocols in VPN, more flexibility and add-on features in VoIP, Web Content Filtering and URL Filtering in addition to IP/data filtering of Firewall, multiple-WAN for reliable broadband connections, 3G connectivity, Virtual LAN, full security options for WLAN, and the list goes on.

In addition to providing advanced product functions and features well ahead of the market, DrayTek also works consistently on improvements and additional functions for products already owned by customers, and offer these in the form of free downloadable firmware updates.

i-LAN Technology ensures dispatch of stock with timely logistics to serve professional IT and residential communities with products that meet their requirements and suit their budgets. Furthermore, i-LAN Technology provides comprehensive technical support for our products, addressing inquiries pertaining to a range of matters from usage queries to fault clearing and applications. Our technical support is provided through multiple platforms including emails, instant messaging, our call centre, and on technical forums. We are also backed by solid and prompt support from our manufacturers, ensuring the best support for our customers.. In this way, we ensure our customers receive the best possible value for money and for time, securing trust in i-LAN Technology’s products and service.

In order to best support our resellers and the end users of our products, i-LAN Technology employs a talented team of experts in the fields of networking, communications, video presentation and engineering project management.

Over the years, the winning combination of i-LAN Technology’s commitment to service and professional support, and DrayTek’s reliability and supreme product features, has earned us rock-solid support with a loyal community of mainly IT professionals across Australia and New Zealand. We work for the satisfaction of all customers, from reseller to end-user levels, and continuously improve our products to grow with the ever-changing broadband/IT industry.

Backed by the success of our DrayTek products, i-LAN Technology is expanding to meet demand in related networking products, such as network switches, media players and so forth.

Our Strategy

To achieve the above vision, i-LAN Technology has established a set of company policies to guide us towards our vision and goal of helping our customers to grow their businesses in their individual fields.

To optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of our human, physical and financial resources, we aim to:

  • Help our customer’s grow in their individual fields
  • Listen to the market’s needs and wants, developing products that exceed its expectations
  • Establish and maintain trust by providing exceptional value and service to our customers
  • Enable our staff to have a rewarding career with positive working/learning environment
  • Nurture shareholder relationships with positive returns on their investment.

Our Vision

In a global environment of rapid advancements in Information Technology and in Internet applications, i-LAN Technology aims to lead, producing cutting-edge products designed for our customers. We set our vision to be a leading national supplier for broadband equipment and related products.

Our values:

  • Regard our customers as our first priority, ensuring their expectations are met, allowing for repeat business and positive referrals
  • Constantly keep informed of developments in technology so that we can deliver benefits to our customers and grow with the market
  • Maintain a high standard of service; we operate with standard operating procedures based on ISO standards for sales, operations, accounting and technical support.