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Monthly Archives : July 2009


Vigor2110 Speed Booster

On-Line Gamers: God…. Give me the Speed I need for my game!
DrayTek: Thou shalt use (NBN-Ready) Vigor2110!

Imaging in a tennis game, you hit a brilliant shot, but the time has frozen down and the ball runs in slow motion, and your opponent has plenty of time to figure out how

Advanced CSM Functions in Vigor Routers

Why CSM?

CSM (Content Security Management) is a powerful tool for network management; it sets rules for passing or blocking of traffic to and from web pages or web applications based on the content of data packets. DrayTek’s implementation of CSM simplifies settings, making complicated configuration with traditional firewalls just tick

New Firmware for Vigor2700e Series – Cheap and Cheerful!

The key DrayTek user group is in SOHO/IT professionals; this is because DrayTek products have solid functions and features. For the home or 「ordinary」 users whose requirements for functionality are not as tough as those for professionals, DrayTek provides Vigor2700Ge / Vigor2700e (e stands for economic). However, while these 2

Vigor2820Vn won RECOMMENDED by Techworld, UK

Amazing range of features in one box – dual WAN, 3G, dual VoIP, Gigabit Ethernet, Draft 802.11n, and oodles of security – the lot. It even has a rack-mounting kit……This is probably the most featured wireless router Techworld has ever tested and it sets a high standard for others to