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Vigor2110 Speed Booster

On-Line Gamers: God…. Give me the Speed I need for my game!
DrayTek: Thou shalt use (NBN-Ready) Vigor2110!

Imaging in a tennis game, you hit a brilliant shot, but the time has frozen down and the ball runs in slow motion, and your opponent has plenty of time to figure out how to counter smash the shot you are proud of. Bad news is the slow motion is in one direction only and his return shot runs at 73.14m/s (urrent Guinness World record).

Australian on-line gamers of some popular games such as WoW (World of WarCraft), Neocron, etc. are worse off than their US counterparts, simply because the servers are in the US and the latency is larger here than there. This is a good reason for the gamers to look forward to NBN (National Broadband Network) which promises to provide up to 100Mbps speed.

In the mean time, DrayTek has increased the NAT throughput speed of some of their models, including Vigor2110 series, from 70Mbps to 90Mbps, making them NBN-ready. In addition, DrayTek’s Hardware Based QoS ensures that time critical packets, such as those from on-line games, are processed according to their priority settings. This is DrayTek’s answer to the collective prayers of on-line gamers.

Up till now, Vigor2110 has been popular among on-line gamers for its outstanding bandwidth management capability and all-in-one functions. Now as the first fibre link is ploughed into ground in Tasmania for the NBN project, you can be sure that this router will not be outpaced when a fibre comes near your home.

The implementation involves hardware and software (WUI for user setting).

DrayTek has adapted a hardware based Speed Booster for Vigor2110 series, making the NAT throughput to be 90Mbps – nearly same as the theoretical maximum speed for Fast Ethernet.

The hardware based QoS ensures that time critical packets are processed with due priorities. This is based on customer settings allowing for flexibility and user friendliness.

DrayTek’s GUI for Hardware Acceleration allows users to setup and “tune” the router for their games (or other applications). It’s like having a 「Turbo Mode」 button for your game. The configuration page is:


Mode :
Disable – Turn off Hardware Acceleration mechanism – default setting.

Auto – Choose this option to execute Hardware Acceleration function automatically. When the traffic sessions become heavy, the router will automatically activate the Hardware Accelerator. When the traffic drops low, the Hardware Acceleration will be turned off.

Manual – Choose this option to set Hardware Acceleration rules manually. You have to specify which protocol will be applied and choose associated options.


The option of Auto or Manual on Vigor2110』s WUI (Web User Interface) is inspired by racing car concepts, in that the users can have all power for themselves 」manually」, or have the router (the machine) to automatically adjust the speed based on its own work load. In this way the gamers can optimise his game based on the type of games and his own skill level.

More details on Vigor2110 series are here:

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