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Monthly Archives : June 2011



DrayTek’s ADSL2+ Vigor2830 series router is getting a bit of a revamp next month, with the introduction of single-band versions of Vigor2830n and Vigor2830Vn.

Previously, the series comprised of Vigor2830, Vigor2830n (wireless), and Vigor2830Vn (wireless and VoIP). As of the 1st of July 2011, the Vigor2830 series will include: Vigor2830, Vigor2830n,

Meet VigorAP 800

I just wanted to speak to you quickly about this brilliant little device we have called VigorAP 800. Today, wireless networks are a common thing in households, and increasingly in workplaces. They’re convenient, and things can certainly be a lot tidier with wires involved. On the downside however, wireless networks

Meanwhile, in London…

Meanwhile, in London, UK DrayTek distributor SEG showcased our routers and our new range of IP PBX solutions at two key UK industry events, Unified Communications Expo 2011 and Insight Technology Show 2011. The shows, which were on in March, were also a great forum for the launch of DrayTek’s

Meanwhile, in Turkey…

DrayTek’s global presence is constantly growing, with representation at IT and Computing events all over the world. Most recently, a range of DrayTek products were showcased at the KaRe Bilgisayer Convention 2011 (3-5 June) in Turkey. In partnership with SIMET Communication Co, DrayTek’s latest IP PBX solutions range, VigorACS SI

DrayTek on Wheels in the Netherlands

Here’s something different – last month Xpert Data, a DrayTek distributor from the Benelux economic union of the Netherlands organised a bus tour around Netherlands, visiting DrayTek resellers all around the country in a revamped and hi-tech-pimped American school bus. But why?, I hear you exclaim with surprise and bemusement…