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Vigor3200 Impresses PC World VN


This month PC World Vietnam’s Khai Huynh has previewed DrayTek’s Vigor3200. Vigor3200 series is DrayTek’s latest Quad-WAN Gigabit High-Speed Security router that has been specifically designed to meet the network requirements of small to medium business networks. The Vigor3200 series which comprises of Vigor3200 and Vigor3200n (with IEEE 802.11n wireless) features a 4-port Gigabit WAN and 1 Gigabit LAN port. Its Multi-Subnet interface with Multi-VLAN function allows users to allocate network functions and resources between workgroups more easily.


The June article, which can be read here, highlights the flexibility of the 3200’s firewall measures that can be modified easily to create firewall policies. Huynh found the security structures to be easily configurable using the ‘familiar’ web interface which allows users to create policy profiles for each of the measures including application and content-based filters, with the options to apply them based on individual users or across user groups.


Huynh was also a fan of the load balancing feature which supports 4 WAN lines and which works with VPN connections. Huynh tested 4 internet connections (2Mbps line) with 1 PC using NetPerSec Software, resulted in 7.7Mbps. PC World also tested DrayTek’s maximum WAN bandwidth claim of 140Mbps, and reached an impressive maximum bandwidth of 184.7Mbps.


Check out the functionality Vigor3200 with our Live Web Demo here.

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