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New Firmware for Vigor2710e Series

Vigor2710e and Vigor2710ne are two of the more basic DrayTek ADSL2/2+ routers. Even so, these streamlined routers include all your basic necessities, plus just that little bit extra to impress. Still, there were some of you out there asking  for more from Vigor2710e and finally your routing prayers have been answered. DrayTek has just released the latest firmware for Vigor2710e series which allows for a second subnet to IP Routing Usage!

Previously, the Vigor 2710e only allowed for one subnet:


With this latest firmware update, the same page of the very user-friendly web configuration will look like this:


This means that users can now sign up a block of public (WAN) IPs with their ISP and reserve those public IPs for specific purposes such as a Web server or Mail server. You could even assign the public IP as a IP surveillance camera for home security.

This feature has been available on the Vigor2710Vigor2820 series and our other higher-end products, and now it is finally available on the Vigor2710e series.

The Vigor2710e is an ADSL2+ router that supports up to 24 Mbps (downstream) / 2.5 Mbps (upstream) ADSL speeds. Networked devices such as computers can share the Internet and communicate with each other through the built-in LAN switch. The Vigor2710e is designed with object-based SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) firewall to detect malicious packets, such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, and prevent these from jeopardizing the internal home or office network thus ensuring upmost network security and reliability.

For more information on the second subnet feature, read here. For more information on the Vigor2710e, visit ourwebsite or check out the live web demo.

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