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Firmware Updates All Round!

That’s right folks, DrayTek has gone Firmware bonkers! Well, no not really, but they sure have been very productive this month with their firmware development. With VigorAP 800 firmware version 1.0.3, they have added a very cool Auto Detection feature which enables the Access Point to automatically be detected by master devices (router list to be released soon), allowing you to skip several steps in the setup process of your VigorAP 800. For example, if you were to hook up your VigorAP 800 with a Vigor2920 series V.3.3.7 router, the AP800 would automatically be picked up by the Vigor2920. FURTHERMORE, the 2920’s web configuration menu will automatically provide an additional setup section, ‘External Devices’, for the AP 800. Also with that firmware update are the additions of an SSID selection feature on the AP Discovery Wizard and of the Mixed (11g+11n) mode for wireless.


DrayTek’s VigorAP 800 is a PoE enabled wireless access point which you hook up to your router to either add wireless connectivity to your existing LAN or to boost/extend your home or office wireless network. In effect, it acts as a central transmitting device which optimises traffic flow using WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) technology to define Quality of Service in the wireless network.

Meanwhile, Version of Vigor2130 brings an IPv6 ping trace router, as well as further support for debug messages sent from the router’s Syslog Utility to help with the daily administration networks.

Get ‘em while they’re hot!

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