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IPv6 on DrayOS preview

In the past, many users have speculated if it would be possible for devices running on the DrayOS to support IPv6, and rumors are found everywhere. We are pleased to report that DrayTek has finally found a breakthrough solution for IPv6 on the DrayOS.

Last week, we received a test unit VDSL/ADSL Router – Vigor2850Vn and we quickly connected it with our Internode IPv6 ADSL. The test results are shown below:

IPv6 on System Status page

After we successfully configured the ADSL settings, the Vigor2850Vn obtained both IPv4 and IPv6 public IP.


IPv6 Test result

IPv6 is already enabled under Windows 7s default settings, so when we connect our PC to Vigor2850, we automatically obtain both IPv6 and IPv4. Below is the test result from and the IP address information from the command prompt window.



IPv6 Content Test result

We tested this with a website that is hosted under IPv6, Below is our test result page.


It seems like not every solution will be available by the next firmware release, e.g., how to set up site-to-site VPN via IPv6, or how the router handles VoIP point to point via IPv6. With this current beta firmware we haven’t seen any relevant interfaces changes on the VPN and VoIP pages of the web configuration menu, but we are still very happy with the result we have achieved today.

What about other routers running on the DrayOS? Will Vigor2830/2920/2820 support IPv6? At this stage we still don’t know which other model will be the next to support IPv6 but be assured, that DrayTek will migrate this feature to some of the existing models soon.

In the next few months we will release more information about how to set up IPv6 and feature some highlights of Vigor2850.

IPv6 Quick Setup Guide (Coming Soon)

Vigor2850 preview (Coming Soon)

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