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Big Improvements for Vigor2920 With Latest Firmware Update

Yes, it’s another firmware update story… but expect plenty more because those clever engineers at DrayTek are always working to enhance product functionality and keep existing units as up-to-date as possible.  DrayTek Vigor2920 Version firmware has recently been deployed with some very significant improvements for the Dual WAN broadband router series.

Firstly, there is the VPN Backup for VPN TRUNK Management. This mechanism allows users to set multiple VPN tunnels as backup tunnels. In the event of failure of one tunnel, VPN backup can automatically connect another tunnel to the remote VPN server, so you will never have to worry about your VPN dropping out. The VPN backup feature also applies to all VPN types – PPTP, L2TP, L2TP over IPSec, Gre over IPSec or IPSec.

Also with Version, Vigor2920 series now supports multiple subnets. The significance of this is that through creating multiple subnets for different departments, it will allow users to allocate network functions and resources between workgroups more easily. Administrators will now have greater control than ever to plan, manage, and monitor network usage to ensure an efficient and secure network.


And as I reported in my last post, owing to this latest firmware update, Vigor2920 series is now backed by DrayTek’sSmart Monitor (Windows and Linux compatible) traffic monitoring software. From logging network issues to recording email or IM chat exchanges via the router, Smart Monitor will effectively capture and analyse important network information, and present its findings to Network Administrators via an interface that is easy to interpret and enables Administrators to quickly seek out specific information to identify areas of inefficiency. Smart Monitor can oversee after up to 30 users on the Vigor2920 series.

These few improvements are among many with this firmware update. For more information on firmware updateVersion for Vigor2920 series, you can download the release notes here. For an inside look of this latest version, try out the live web demo.

The Vigor2920 is a Dual WAN broadband router with one Ethernet WAN and one Gigabit WAN port to connect to DSL/Cable/VDSL2 modem or Ethernet FTTx device (up to 150 Mbps), with support for Load Balance and Fail-Over across both WANs. Its advanced features include secure network management (Firewall & CSM), bandwidth management (QoS, Session Limitation & Bandwidth Control), remote data access (VPN), making this router ideal for SOHO and business users.

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