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Monthly Archives : February 2012


How DrayTek’s IPv6 Solution Works

DrayTek IPv6 solution will help you transit your business or home network from IPv4 to IPv6, in the most cost-effective and secure way. This blog describes the common inter-communication mechanisms employed by DrayTek.

1. Dual Stack to handle both IPv4 and IPv6 networks

DrayTek provides an additional memory stack to handle the

DrayTek Announces the new VigorFly210

DrayTek has recently announced the release of the new IPv6 ready VigorFly210 compact broadband router.

The VigorFly 210 is an IPv6 compact broadband router with 802.11n WLAN capability. Its Ethernet WAN port can connect to any of VDSL/VDSL2/GPON/G.SHDSL/ADSL2+/ADSL/cable WAN outputs.

The high NAT throughput rate of VigorFly 210 allows it to handle

Get Business & Home Network Ready for IPv6

You may be aware that since February 3, 2011, IPv4 addresses have been completely allocated hence the urgency to provide products the support IPv6. There are tremendous benefits to be gained when the network moves to the IPv6 era with the unlimited IP addresses that IPv6 can provide.

Some examples of

VigorAP 700 Now Available in Australia

With the iPhone/iPAD, Android phones, tablets, and other mobile devices being used everywhere, access from these devices to WLAN (wireless local area network) has meant that WLAN accessibility at work, public places and home is now a necessity, and where WLAN is existent, people are asking for extended range and