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VigorAP 700 Now Available in Australia


With the iPhone/iPAD, Android phones, tablets, and other mobile devices being used everywhere, access from these devices to WLAN (wireless local area network) has meant that WLAN accessibility at work, public places and home is now a necessity, and where WLAN is existent, people are asking for extended range and higher security.

To help quench the thirst, DrayTek has produced a low cost alternative to the feature rich VigorAP 800. The VigorAP 700 is ideal if you do not require all the advanced features of VigorAP 800, but require reliable and secure WLANs.

Some of the outstanding features of The VigorAP 700 are:

  • Latest 802.11n draft with 802.11b/g compatibility workable with your legacy wireless devices.
  • Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) to green your IT via power saving and traffic-optimized capabilities.
  • Multiple SSID (Up to 4 SSID) and Virtual LAN for guest wireless access to the Internet.
  • AP-Client mode as a destination reinforcing your converge via the existing wireless network.
  • WDS (Wireless Distribution System) easily extending your network through Point-to-Point /Multi-Point Bridge and Universal Repeater Mode.
  • Built-in RADIUS Server for the security enhancement of your wireless network.
  • Industry level security standards including 802.11i (WPA2).

The WMM (Wi-Fi Multi Media) standard defines QoS (Quality of Service) in Wi-Fi networks and is a precursor to the upcoming IEEE 802.11e WLAN QoS draft standard that is designed to prioritize applications, e.g. audio, video and voice, transmitted over Wi-Fi and thus improve the network performance.

The Multiple SSID and the Virtual LAN capabilities mean that you can divide the VigorAP 700 into several virtual APs, and assign policies and functions for each SSID to support different applications. For example, visitors to businesses or the public in hotels, shopping malls or restaurants can be given wireless access to the Internet, but are barred from internal data servers.

The RADIUS server allows you to store and manage user names and password centrally and control access to your network easily and securely.

For larger places such as shopping malls, the WDS (Wireless Distribution System) makes it easy to switch between point-to-point and point-to-multi point, or bridging and repeater modes. This means that the signal ranges and network capacities can be easily extended. If required, the detachable antennas on the VigorAP 700 can also be swapped with higher gain or directional ones.

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