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Get Business & Home Network Ready for IPv6

You may be aware that since February 3, 2011, IPv4 addresses have been completely allocated hence the urgency to provide products the support IPv6. There are tremendous benefits to be gained when the network moves to the IPv6 era with the unlimited IP addresses that IPv6 can provide.

Some examples of practical applications are: smart grid for efficient energy distribution, home automation for security, long-distance healthcare and even grocery shopping from your refrigerator and much more.

Being a global leader in the networking fields, DrayTek has prepared for their latest products to help your business and home network to be ready for IPv6 migration.

Doing so, DrayTek has ensured that these products will do:

  1. Work with both IPv4 and IPv6 networks

During the migration, your router needs access both IPv4 and IPv6 networks to deliver the full service to the business and home.

  1. Independent of ISPs

You are not limited by local ISPs. Even if they are not ready yet, your home and business network can still get IPv6 addresses.

  1. Maintain data integrity

Your business and home network wouldn’t be accessed by someone unknown and your network and data are protected.

  1. Prioritize essential applications

Your important applications, such as VoIP or media streaming need to get the highest priority with larger bandwidth to ensure the quality that you require.

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