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Monthly Archives : March 2012


What Equipment is required for IPv6

In previous blogs we’ve explained how IPv6 work; this article highlights the 4 Vigor models that are IPv6 capable.

Home Network
VigorFly 210

USB 2.0 port for 3.5G/4G (LTE/WiMAX) mobile broadband feed
802.11n WLAN
Speedy multimedia streaming
Web Content Filter

Vigor 2130 Series

Unprecedented speeds
Support hardware NAT
Workable for extreme-high speed multimedia streaming
VoIP facilities for low cost call
Easy-to-use firewall

Firmware version 3.6.1 for Vigor2850 now Available

Vigor2850 series is a VDSL2 router with multi-subnet for secure and efficient workgroup management.  It integrates IP layer QoS, NAT session/bandwidth management to help users control works well with large bandwidth.

The latest firmware version 3.6.1 for the Vigor2850 is now available.

New features include:

 Support LDAP authentication for VPN and User Management