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Monthly Archives : April 2012


VPN Load Balancing with DrayTek Routers

VPN Load balancing allows numerous VPN connections to exist between two sites, and their configuration over multiple WAN connections. This is used to provide both a larger capacity network pipe between the two sites as well as support redundancy should one of the WAN connections fail.

VPN load balancing is a

VigorFly 210 Firmware Update

DrayTek have just released new firmware for the VigorFly210. The firmware (version 1.2.0Rc3a) is a beta release and has a number of new features, including;

VPN tunnel for dial in/out.
QoS- Both traditional and APP QoS functionality
Monitor QoS
IP bandwidth limitations
IP Session limitations
SMS alerts for WAN backup and reboot
IPv6 web server capabilities

DrayTek FAQ Updates

The DrayTek website has recently been updating an already comprehensive FAQ page to ensure users can install and troubleshoot their products with the utmost ease. We believe users should not have to work to gain the upmost from their DrayTek hardware or software, it should be easy- so the page