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The VigorFly 210: QoS, VPN, VoIP, bandwidth limitation and much, much more

VigorFly210’s 1.2.0 version firmware gives the VigorFly210 extensive management capabilities that are typically only available on more expensive routers.

The most significant part of the update is the addition of numerous forms of QoS support to the VigorFly210. Both traditional and APP quality of service management features allow the extensive prioritization of network traffic for specific applications. The diagnostic feature allows you to monitor network usage, creating a traffic graph which enables system analysis.


The latest firmware also provides QoS specifically for VoIP operations; ensuring priority is given to VOIP traffic, preventing poor quality or failure resulting from high traffic within the network. Additionally, the new firmware supports both IP bandwidth and session limitation to ensure the network is used fairly and appropriately. Despite these broad management features, should the WAN connection still drop out the router will reboot itself and send an SMS notification to administrators to alert them of the issue. Users can thus respond to problems quickly and maintain network connectivity.


The firmware also means the VigorFly 210 is now IPv6 Ready, adding more secure remote access and management features to satisfy the needs of both small remote or home offices

Please contact if you would like a free copy of the firmware, or if you have any further questions about the upgrade or Draytek equipment.

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