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Firmware version 3.5.7 now available for VigorIPPBX 3510

Firmware Version3.5.7 for The Vigor IPPBX 3510 has just been released. New features added under this firmware include:

  • New Auto Attendant mechanism.
  • Supports call queue mechanism (for Hunt Group).
  • Support customized trunk (i.e. define an extension as a trunk)
  • Simultaneous call number limitation in Trunk.


DrayTek is aware that impressive hardware is not the only quality of a good product, there is also a need for devices to be flexible to allow them to adapt to new products and technologies. As a result, the new firmware for the Vigor IPPBX 3510 not only provides new features but also improves upon the device’s existing capabilities. These improvements include:

  •  Resolve interoperability issue with HTC phone.
  •  Change Auto Attendant greeting repeat counts from global setting to local menu setting.
  •  Apply “Pickup by AA” function to Hunt Group overflow rule.
  • Shorten the ring-back-timer of queue handler. Change from 40 sec to 20 sec.
  • Support overflow action when queue timeout.
  • Modify the minimum value for timeout for hunt group setting to seconds while in Sequential/Random mode.
  • Improve the function behavior of Hunt Group voice mail.
  • Improve the greeting behavior of personal voice mail. Users can listen to existing greeting without re-recording it.
  • Ring back tone can be configured as silence.
  • Add ISDN MSN non-office hour answer mode.
  • Support sending email via specific WAN function.
  • Add switch for each PSTN port to turn on/off (offnet) play prompt mechanism and integrate with the VoIP module.
  • Add a new Telnet command that 9 countries tone profiles can be set for the tone setting.

The firmware can be downloaded at

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