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Monthly Archives : July 2012


DrayTek Wins the Taiwan Excellence 2012 Awards

Since 2010, Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) Taiwan, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Taiwan, and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) have joined force and established an international panel to select products of Taiwanese companies that exhibit quality in technological innovation and excellence. Products are selected based on their scores

DrayTek VigorAP 800 – New firmware released that Fully Optimizes WLAN Networks

DrayTek has recently released the latest firmware (version 1.04) for the VigorAP 800 that allows the network administrator to efficiently utilize the available WLAN bandwidth by adjusting the allocation.

Highlights of Version 1.0.4

The bandwidth management function allows you to limit the available upload and download bandwidth for each station in each

Firmware (version for Vigor3200 Series Provides Enhancements for VPN Users

DrayTek have just released the latest firmware (Version for the Vigor3200 series routers. Among the new features introduced in this version are enhancements for VPN remote dial-in users (client-to-site situation) to be more easily authenticated. You now do not have to create new Remote Dial-in User Profiles for authentication

IPv6 now Supported in More Routers

In our previous Blog article we gave you details of routers that supported IPv6. As a result of further firmware development, Draytek have now released the long awaited firmware version 3.6.0 for the Vigor2920 that now supports IPv6.

This now brings to 5 the number of router models that support IPv6,

Configuring VPN Load Balance using DrayTek Routers

DrayTek Australia is pleased to introduce the video “Configuring VPN Load Balance using DrayTek Routers”

In our last video we showed you how VPN load balancing will improve your inter-office communications.   VPN Load balancing allows numerous VPN connections to exist between two sites, and their configuration over multiple WAN connections. This