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Firmware (version for Vigor3200 Series Provides Enhancements for VPN Users


DrayTek have just released the latest firmware (Version for the Vigor3200 series routers. Among the new features introduced in this version are enhancements for VPN remote dial-in users (client-to-site situation) to be more easily authenticated. You now do not have to create new Remote Dial-in User Profiles for authentication mechanism but apply existing user accounts saved on external servers (e.g. Active Directory/LDAP).

Companies with existing Active Directory/LDAP servers can now utilise them to authenticate their VPN remote dial-in users when using the Vigor3200.

A number of bug fixes are also included in this firmware. Please refer to the release notes for full details.

A summary of the new features in this firmware are:

  • Support Common E-mail / Send Syslog via email.
  • Support hardware MD5/SHA1 encryption.
  • Allow Mail Alert to send emails with VPN notifications.
  • Support LAN2/3/4 subnet for VPN and Remote Access >> PPP General Setup for Dial-In Users.
  • Support System Maintenance > Login Customization.
  • Support three different LDAP binding methods (simple, anonymous and regular).
  • Support group configuration for SSL VPN. With this, you may specify and detail the applications and the authentication methods for different groups of user accounts.
  • Support LDAP over SSL connection (LDAPs). It will secure LDAP communication with an SSL tunnel.
  • Support multiple profiles for LDAP/AD. The administrator may use them for binding different groups of users (for example, staff from different departments).

The firmware is now available for download from:

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