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DrayTek VigorAP 800 – New firmware released that Fully Optimizes WLAN Networks


DrayTek has recently released the latest firmware (version 1.04) for the VigorAP 800 that allows the network administrator to efficiently utilize the available WLAN bandwidth by adjusting the allocation.

Highlights of Version 1.0.4

The bandwidth management function allows you to limit the available upload and download bandwidth for each station in each SSID. The “Auto Adjustment” function allows the administrator to allocate more bandwidth to the SSID(s) in use. For example you can have one SSID for guest access and have its bandwidth limited so that it does not interfere with the corporate network. Now with the “Auto Adjustment” feature the VigorAP 800 will automatically give more bandwidth for the Guest users when it is not required by the corporate network users.

The diagnostic “Speed Test” feature will allow you to find the best position to install the VigorAP 800 to give you the best wireless performance.

Access Control (ACL) based on the MAC addresses is widely adopted by the VigorAP 800 to control access to the wireless network. In the new firmware the ACL entries has been increased to 256.


A summary of the New Features are:

  • Add the bandwidth management function.
  • Add the Backup/Restore function for ACL and Internal RADIUS.
  • Add performance test utility.
  • Add wireless connection limitation setting.
  • Increase the entries of wireless MAC filter as 256.
  • Support VLAN management.
  • Support DHCP Relay Agent function.


The firmware is now available for download from our web site:


For more information on the other features of the VigorAP 800 please have a look at our video

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