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VigorIPPBX (3510 and 2820 Series) Firmware Version Introduces Easy-to-use FAX features







DrayTek has recently released firmware Version for both the VigorIPPBX 3510 and VigorIPPBX 2820 Series.  New Features in this firmware include:

  • Addition of Virtual fax barcode function
  • Addition of incoming fax rule
  • Support WAN VLAN tag insertion
The Virtual FAX feature lets you send faxes via the Internet from PCs behind VigorIPPBX 2820 and VigorIPPBX 3510, e.g. between a head office and a branch office. It uses a barcode (i.e. a special code) that contains an extension number and forward the fax to the intended destination PC or fax machine.When sending out Faxes, you just utilize the “Smart FAX Agent” utility (free-of-charge and downloadable via to insert the barcode, listing the  extension number (a PC  or a fax machine, but not an IP phone) to receive the fax file.
As shown in the setup page, you need to tick “Enable the barcode recognition for FAX returned” to use this function.


If the VigorIPPBX does not see a barcode in the incoming FAX file, it will follow the “Incoming FAX rule” to forward the received FAX to the required extension that is configured.

In addition, the WAN VLAN Tag insertion feature will add a specific VLAN number to all packets on the WAN while sending them out and define the priority for each VLAN number. This feature is mainly for some ISPs that require a specific VLAN number for handling VoIP, data, and mail applications in their networks.

The latest firmware can be downloaded from:   for the VigorIPPBX 2820  for the VigorIPPBX 3510

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