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Firmware version 3.6.3 now available for Vigor3200

DrayTek have just released the latest firmware for the Vigor3200 router (version 3.6.3). This new firmware has a number of new features that will be discussed here. These are:

  1. Open VPN Support
  2. Load Balance Policy support for VPN (Profile/Tunnel)
  3. Wireless Wizard
  4. Web Portal for LAN
  5. Smart Bandwidth Limit
  6. DHCP relay for each subnet

Open VPN Support


Open VPN is now supported in the Vigor3200 and will work with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Windows users can use SmartVPN VPN client to simplify configuration of the client.

Load Balance Policy Support for VPN

This feature will allow you to configure the router so that users of one LAN can have a permanent connection to services on the VPN tunnel.  For example, as illustrated below, the finance department in the Branch office (LAN 1 users) need to have constant access to the ERP server in the HQ. Therefore, we make the LAN 1 users always use the VPN tunnel as the default gateway. Other employees (LAN 2 users) continue to have normal Internet access.


Wireless Wizard


The Wireless Wizard allows the network administrator to quickly configure a host AP and a guest AP on the Vigor3200n router. This will speed up deployment of the router.

Web Portal for LAN



The new firmware now allows the Web Portal feature to be available to both wired & wireless LANs.

The web portal will direct users to a URL landing page when they first connect to the network. This will be suitable for Wi-Fi hotspots where a business may offer free Wi-Fi but want to market their business.

Smart Bandwidth Limit


This feature is an addition to the standard Bandwidth Limit feature and allows the administrator to limit network bandwidth for devices not listed in the limitation list. Devices that exceed a pre-determined session threshold will have the TX and RX limits imposed.

DHCP Relay for each Subnet


In firmware version 3.6.3 the DHCP relay function has been extended to be available for every LAN subnet (LAN1-4) . That increases flexibility for the network administrator would like to assign certain port(s) connected to external DHCP server.

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