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Firmware version 3.7.3 now available for Vigor2860

DrayTek have just released the latest firmware for the Vigor2860 router (version 3.7.3). This new firmware has introduced a number of new features as well as a number of bug fixes. Some of the new features include:

  • Wireless Wizard
  • CVM (Central VPN Management)
  • Bonjour protocol
  • APPE (APP Enforcement) Support List
  • USB Device Status for modem and disk
  • 20 APs on APM (AP Management) function

Wireless Wizard

The Wireless Wizard allows the network administrator to quickly configure a host AP and a guest AP on the Vigor2860n router. This will speed up deployment the Wireless LAN through the router.


Central VPN Management (CVM)

System administrators can now set up and manage VPN connections with up to 8 remote sites from a central console in the Vigor2860 router.


Bonjour Protocol

Bonjour protocol is used to discover services such as network printers etc. on a local area network. The Bonjour Service can be enabled in the router and includes services for

  • HTTP Server
  • Telnet Server
  • FTP Server
  • SSH Server
  • LPR Printer Server


APPE (APP Enforcement) Support List

This lists is available in “CSM >> APPE Support List” menu and displays the APP Enforcement supported by the router.


USB Device Status for Modem and Disk

This is an enhancement to the original USB device status page in the router that gave the status of an attached USB flash drive or printer. Now the status for attached modems and  attached USB printer can be monitored.


AP Management (APM)

System administrators can now manage up to 20 Wireless Access Points from a central console in the Vigor2860 router.


The firmware can be downloaded from:  here

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