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Introduction to DrayTek NBN Ready Routers

As most of us know the National Broadband Network NBN is being built in Australia. The original goal, which is subject to review by the newly elected Government, is to provide high speed Internet to 93% of Australian households, schools, and businesses by 2021.  The NBN’s lightning fast connection will be capable of providing broadband speeds of up to one gigabit per second.


Currently, most Australians rely on ageing copper networks for Internet accesses using ADSL technology. NBN, on the other hand, uses mainly fibre optic to deliver the specified speeds. When completed, Australia’s requirements on education, communications, health and businesses will be largely met.

NBN relies on three key technologies to deliver the specified high speed broadband:

  • optic fibre
  • fixed wireless
  • next-generation satellite

The technology of connection to the NBN will depend on where you live. However, most places will be connected to fibre optic networks.

There is no need to change your computer if it is capable of a broadband connection. If you currently have an ADSL connection, you will only need to change your router to a NBN capable device.

The NBN equipment installed at your premises will provide an Ethernet connection to allow you to attach your NBN-capable equipment. The picture below shows the type of equipment typically installed for NBN access.


DrayTek has a range of high speed broadband router products that are perfect to use for current ADSL technology and for the higher speed NBN technologies. These are known as NBN ready routers.


These routers range from the low cost single WAN routers for home use to business grade routers with dual WAN and multi WAN routers. These will be described in our next blog article where we will give an overview of each router type.

I have given you a brief overview of the NBN and how DrayTek routers will help you establish a reliable high speed connection to the NBN. More information on DrayTek NBN ready routers are available on our web site:

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