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NBN Ready DrayTek Routers

In the last blog article I gave you an overview of the National Broadband Network, otherwise known as NBN, that is currently under construction in Australia. DrayTek has a range of NBN ready high speed broadband products that are perfect for the NBN. In this blog I will give you an overview of DrayTek’s NBN ready routers and point out some differences between them to help you choose a router that will fit your current and future networking requirements.

These routers range from the low cost single WAN routers for home use up to business grade routers that include dual WAN and multi WAN routers.

We will start by describing single WAN routers that are suitable for home or small business use.


DrayTek’s basic router is the VigorFly210. This compact router has a Fast Ethernet WAN interface as well as 4 high speed Ethernet LAN ports and built-in Wi-Fi. It also provides a single VPN connection, and can be configured to use a 3G/4G mobile broadband dongle as a backup if your primary connection is lost.


An overview of the VigorFly210 is in our video titled “Low cost VPN solution using DrayTek VigorFly210″

Click here to watch our video describing the VigorFly210)


The next model is the Vigor2110.  This is a Fast Ethernet router with 4 LAN ports, and is available in 3 models. These are the base model Vigor2110, the Wi-Fi model Vigor2110n, and Wi-Fi plus VOIP model Vigor2110Vn. These routers have a comprehensive firewall as well as the ability to support two VPN tunnels.  Its throughput of approximately 70Mb/s is well suited for small businesses.



The Vigor2130 is the Gigabit version of the Vigor2110. It has a Gigabit WAN interface as well as 4 gigabit LAN ports. It has a network throughput of 800Mb/s so is suitable if you need to stream high speed video or data over the Internet. It has the same Firewall and VPN features as the Vigor2110 and is available in 3 models, which are the base model Vigor2130, the Wi-Fi model Vigor2310n and the Wi-Fi plus VOIP model Vigor2130Vn.



Now I will describe the DrayTek triple WAN router models, starting with the Vigor2830 series router. This Gigabit LAN router has a built in ADSL interface and a Gigabit Ethernet WAN interface. It allows you to attach a USB 3G/4G dongle to its USB port for a third WAN connection. If you currently have ADSL service, this router can be used for your current connection and for an NBN connection when it comes to your area. All you need to do is connect the new service to the Gigabit Ethernet WAN Interface. You do not need to upgrade your router.


This router has comprehensive Firewall features and supports 32 VPN tunnels, so it is perfect for homes and small businesses. The Vigor2830 series router is also available in three models. These are the base model Vigor2830, Wi-Fi model Vigor2830n and Vigor2830n+ and Wi-Fi plus VOIP model Vigor2830Vn and Vigor2830VN+. The + models are the dual band Wi-Fi models.

An overview of the Vigor2830 is in our video titled “DrayTek Vigor2830 Series Router”

Click here to watch our video describing the Vigor2830


The latest addition to DrayTek’s Triple WAN router range is the award winning Vigor2860 series. This model has a VDSL/ADSL WAN interface as well as a Gigabit Ethernet WAN interface and two USB interfaces for 3G/4G dongles for third WAN connection. It has all the features of the Vigor2830 with and extra 2 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, VPN load balancing, and a faster processor. This impressive router has a rated throughput up to 400Mb/s when connected to a high speed network, so it will easily handle the network load of small to medium sized businesses.

The Vigor2860 router can be used to service your current ADSL service and connect to the NBN service when it becomes available.  The VDSL capability makes this router more versatile, especially for locations where VDSL is deployed, such as multi-dwelling units with optic fibre to the basement.

Three model types are available. These are the Vigor2860, Wi-Fi model Vigor2860n and the Wi-Fi plus VOIP model Vigor2860Vn


An overview of the Vigor2860 is in our video titled “DrayTek Vigor2860 Series Triple WAN with VDSL2/ADSL2+ Security Router”

Click here to watch our video describing the Vigor2860

 Vigor2920 and new model Vigor2925

Now we will look at the Dual Ethernet WAN routers, including Vigor2920 and upcoming Vigor2925. Both of these routers can be configured as a triple WAN router by utilising the USB port for a 3G/4G USB dongle. Functions including Firewall and VPN are similar to the Vigor2830 described earlier. The Vigor2925 is a high speed version of the Vigor2920 and both of these are suitable for small to medium sized businesses.




The next router I will show you is the award winning Vigor2960 Dual Gigabit WAN router.


Most small to medium sized businesses requiring a robust and reliable high speed router that includes high throughput, Gigabit connectivity, and redundancy as well as full featured firewall and VPN capabilities will find the Vigor2960 router to be well suited to their requirements.

With a network throughput of over 500Mb/s combined with the 80,000 NAT session’s capacity, the Vigor2960 will easily cater to the networking needs of any corporation or organisation employing up to 200 users.

The dual Gigabit WAN interface provides Vigor2960 with the capability to have a backup Internet connection or to double the Internet bandwidth by combining two WAN connections into load balance mode, allowing this router to handle extremely high traffic.

Another benefit is that it is possible to have Load Balanced VPN trunk connections to multiple branch offices to provide high speed communication between sites.  A backup Internet connection can also be achieved by attaching a 3G or 4G USB dongle to the router’s USB ports. If the the primary WAN connection fails, perhaps due to ISP failure, then the 3G or 4G connection will kick in to continue to provide uninterrupted Internet access for its users.

An overview of the Vigor2960 is in our video titled “DrayTek Vigor2960: NBN-Ready High-Speed VPN Router for SMB Businesses”

Click here to watch our video describing the Vigor2960.

Now we will look at Multi-WAN routers


The Vigor3200 is a Gigabit router with 4 Gigabit WAN interfaces as well as a USB port that can be used as the fifth WAN by attaching a USB 3G or 4G dongle.  The WAN connections can be configured for load balance mode to give a greater Internet pipe for the network. This router also supports 64 VPN tunnels that can also be configured for VPN Load Balance mode to provide a higher bandwidth VPN link between offices.



The Vigor3900 is a high end enterprise level router best suited for large corporations and organisations with up to 500 users. This router provides up to 500 simultaneous VPN connections, including VPN load balanced trunk connection over a maximum of 5 WAN interfaces.


The Vigor3900 won the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award 2012, reflecting the high quality and performance of this router.

The Vigor3900 is equipped with 4 Gigabit Ethernet WAN interfaces and an SFP slot that allows you to add a 5thWAN with fibre optics or another Gigabit Ethernet interface into the router.

There are two Gigabit Ethernet LAN interfaces and a 3rd LAN interface as a SFP slot, allowing you to either add an optic fibre or another Gigabit Ethernet interface into the router.

One of the key features of the Vigor3900 is the High Availability mode, meaning that two of these routers can be used side by side in a master – slave arrangement where if the master unit fails, the slave unit quickly takes over to provide uninterrupted network access.

An overview of the Vigor3900 is in our video titled “DrayTek Vigor3900 (Multi-WAN Enterprise Firewall Router)  

Click here to watch our video describing the Vigor3900.

I have given you a brief overview of the amazing range of NBN ready DrayTek routers. Complete details of our NBN ready routers and dozens of other DrayTek products are available from our website at For more information you can send an email to

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