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Monthly Archives : January 2014


Low Cost Method to Monitor your Server Room Environment

Another new product is now available that complements your installed DrayTek router installations that will help you monitor the server or data communications room environment and notify you if the server room or data communications room is overheating.  This is the USB thermometer (Part number DT101U) for DrayTek routers, pictured below.


DrayTek Announces the Vigor2860n-Plus Router

DrayTek has recently announced the Vigor2860n-Plus. This router is the latest addition to the award winning Vigor2860 routers. It is a triple-WAN NBN ready VDSL2/ADSL2+ router with concurrent dual band WLAN.

This router can be used to support your current ADSL service and connect to the NBN service when it becomes

VDSL Solutions from DrayTek

High speed VDSL2+ has been introduced in Australia and New Zealand over the past few years. VDSL stands for Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line and is much faster than ADSL. Although it is available throughout New Zealand, it is not widely available in Australia yet. VDSL2+ is expected to