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Low Cost Method to Monitor your Server Room Environment

Another new product is now available that complements your installed DrayTek router installations that will help you monitor the server or data communications room environment and notify you if the server room or data communications room is overheating.  This is the USB thermometer (Part number DT101U) for DrayTek routers, pictured below.


During summer in particular, it is important to ensure that your server or data communications equipment are not overheating due to cooling system failures.

The inclusion of a USB thermometer in compatible Vigor routers will continuously monitor the temperature of its environment.  When a pre-determined threshold is reached you will be alerted by either an email or SMS so you can undertake appropriate action.

Some of DrayTek routers also produce a temperature chart so you can track the changes to the Comms/IT cabinet or server room temperature.

The DT101U is Compatible with Vigor2860, 2960 & 3900 series routers.

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