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Monthly Archives : October 2015


DrayTek Vigor2925ac Dual-WAN Security Router Review on PC&Tech Authority Website

Published on PC&TECH Authority Website ( on Tuesday 29 September 2015


A Full-featured router with 802.11ac Wi-Fi suitable for the advanced home setup or office

When stuffing around with Cisco or Juniper gear isn’t appropriate or too expensive, network engineers tend to get DrayTek equipment instead. DrayTek’s Vigor firmware is generally full-featured,

VoIP and the NBN

In our previous blog article we talked about what you need to know when preparing for the NBN. We discussed which router models will be suitable for your NBN connection depending on the type of NBN service provided by your service provider. In this blog, we will discuss the phone

Preparing Yourself for the NBN

As many of you are aware, the National Broadband Network (NBN) is continuing to be rolled out across Australia. If you do not already have a NBN connection, you will have one in the coming months, so now is a good time for you to become familiar with what is