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VoIP and the NBN

In our previous blog article we talked about what you need to know when preparing for the NBN. We discussed which router models will be suitable for your NBN connection depending on the type of NBN service provided by your service provider. In this blog, we will discuss the phone services after you connect to the NBN.

As part of the NBN installation to your area, the old analogue phone services running on copper cabling will be replaced by the digital services offered via the NBN. The old copper cabling will be decommissioned so you will need to decide if you wish to use the digital phone service offered by the NBN or to start using your own VoIP service. The NBN VoIP service (“UNI-V” phone service) is essentially a VoIP service optimised for the NBN and provided the NBN connection box. Like most VoIP devices, UNI-V is compatible with old analogue phone systems, so you can keep your existing handset.

However, the cost of having this phone service will be in addition to the cost of the broadband Internet connection.


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Since there are many other VoIP providers providing lower cost phone services, you may wish to consider utilising the VoIP functionality provided by one of DrayTek’s NBN compatible routers. Depending on your requirements you will most likely have decided which router is best suited for you. All you need now is to look at the VoIP version of that router.

If you currently have an ADSL connection and will be moving to the NBN, the Vigor2760Vn, Vigor2860Vn-Plus and Vigor2860Vac routers will be suitable. For existing NBN installations, both the Vigor2925Vn-Plus and Vigor2925Vac routers will be suitable.

All these routers have two FXS ports, allowing you to connect two analogue phones to the router. Each phone can be treated as a separate extension. These routers also have one PSTN port, so if you wish to utilise the UNI-V service provided by the NBN you just need to connect this port to the UNI-V port on the NBN connection box.

The advantage of using a DrayTek VoIP router is that you can subscribe up to 12 VoIP providers to cover your phone requirements to give you the best deal. For example International calls may be cheaper with one VoIP provider but mobile phone calls may be cheaper with another VoIP provider.

With the Digit Map facility in the router, your call can be placed through the preferred VoIP provider automatically. This will provide you with great flexibility. For businesses that require up to 50 extensions and PBX facilities such as auto attendant, hunt groups, voicemail and music on hold, etc., the DrayTek VigorBX 2000 series will be an ideal solution.

VigorBX 2000 is an integrated broadband router with extensive firewall and VPN features. It also provides extensive IPPBX features and will support 12 SIP trunks. It includes one FXS port and two FXO ports that can be connected to the NBN “UNI-V” phone service if required. With these functions, it is an all-in-one office solution for a small business connected to the NBN.

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