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DrayTek Vigor2132ac Product Review published in APC Magazine Issue 427 – April 2016

DrayTek’s jam is routers targeted at small business, and the design of the Vigor2132ac security router epitomises that. It plants all the major ports up front, making it easy to add and remove devices but sacrificing on aesthetics. The UI design offers no hand-holding or easy setup wizardry, though; it expects you to know what you’re doing.

If you do, it’s a solution that offers a tremendous amount of power and flexibility. It supports SNMP management, as well as sophisticated tools like bandwidth management and quotas, advanced quality of service (QoS) options, virtual LANs and wireless LAN isolation. It also supports VPNs, both client and server, although on this lower-end model only two simultaneous tunnels are supported.

When it comes to mobile application support, DrayTek has a mobile app for configuring routers, but there’s no remote access system or cloud service to go along with it. There’s also DrayTek’s ACS SI application, which enables the central configuration of multiple DrayTek routers, but that’s not something that most home users will be interested in.

This is not a router that’s at the bleeding edge of Wi-Fi — although, unlike the DSL router we reviewed from DrayTek, it does at least support 802.11ac. In fact, its support goes to 1,300Mbps, though 802.11n is limited to 300Mbps.

Its performance was a little disappointing in our tests, once again showing that while DrayTek’s router features are excellent, its wireless is not.

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