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4G LTE Router Applications

DrayTek 4G LTE routers, including the Vigor2860L series and Vigor2925L series, have all the features you need for a network in a small to medium size business. Each of these routers has an integrated LTE modem and accepts a SIM card from any of the major broadband service providers in Australia (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, etc.), as well as those in New Zealand (Spark, 2Degrees and Vodafone). Speeds up to 150Mbps downstream and 50Mbps upstream are supported. What’s more, each of the wireless models, Vigor2860Ln and Vigor2925Ln, has a built-in wireless Access Point.


With the 4G LTE Internet access and strong network features, the DrayTek 4G LTE routers support a wide range of application scenarios apart from indoor offices. For example, they can provide Internet access for mobile applications on public transport, outdoor events and mobile offices. We will discuss the following topics below:

1) Deployment Examples

  1. Provision of Internet services for tourist bus or coach passengers
  2. Provision of Internet services for outdoor events
  3. Provision of Internet services for a mobile office

2) Technical Installation Requirements

  • Power requirements for usage in Mobile Applications

3) Application note

  • Configuring the Vigor2860L and Vigor2925L for LTE Internet access

1) Deployment Examples

a) Provision of Internet services for tourist bus or coach passengers

lte-bus-application- example

The combination of 4G LTE and Wi-Fi features means that the wireless routers can be placed in suitable locations on busses to provide good Wi-Fi coverage for the passengers. On larger busses or double decked busses, you can install a Wi-Fi Access Point such as the VigorAP 910C to extend the Wi-Fi coverage.

The passengers can be given unrestricted access to the Internet if required. You can use the User Management feature in the router to issue usernames and passwords for the passengers to block unauthorized users. In addition, you can direct the users to the company web portal to provide information on the services provided. You can also use the Firewall and Content Security Management (CSM) to protect the users from undesirable website contents (e.g. for younger passengers).


Use of wireless devices such as Table PC in tourist busses


Monitor / Filter / Block unwanted content by using Web Content Filter


Provide Multimedia Entertainment via Wi-Fi from
Internet or Media Server on the Bus

b) Provision of Internet services for outdoor events


A range of leisure and social activities, such as sports events, weekend markets or special functions, require Internet access in locations where it is impractical to have permanent Internet access. At most outdoor locations, there is no fixed cabling to provide ADSL, VDSL or NBN services, and the only way to provide Internet access is to use wireless broadband. Both the Vigor2860Ln and Vigor2925Ln routers can be set up quickly and provide Internet access for these events.

Again, the User Management, web portal and Firewall/CSM features can be used to enhance the operations as required. In addition, you can use the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature where users connect to your Wi-Fi network using the social login accounts such as Facebook or Google login. This allows you to monitor who is using your services.



c) Provision of Internet services for a mobile office


The mobile offices can be at temporary construction sites without permanent Internet access facilities. Both the Vigor2860L and Vigor2925L series routers can provide Internet access for these mobile offices.

For your inter-office communication needs, you can set up VPN connections over the 3G/4G network to share network resources such as files and servers. To protect your network, you can configure the object-oriented SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) Firewall, DoS (Denial of Services), CSM (Content Security Management) and WCF (Web Content Filter) as required. What’s more, the VLAN feature allows up to 8 workgroups to be set up to add further security or provide different levels of network access based on the workgroup.

2) Technical Installation Requirements

Power Requirements when used in Mobile Applications

Vigor2860L and Vigor2925L routers require a 12–15V DC power supply. Therefore when used in vehicles such as busses or trucks which have a 24V supply, you will need to use a DC to DC converter to produce 12VDC regulated output. These converters are available from electronic suppliers. They plug into the cigarette lighter socket in your bus or truck and have an output socket that plugs into the router.


The DC to DC converter shown here is available from Jaycar Electronics

It is recommended to also use the DC to DC converter when the router is used in a motor vehicle to ensure a constant voltage to the router. Although a 13.8 volt car battery output is still within the router’s power supply requirements, the voltage may fluctuate to outside the router’s requirements.



3) Application Note

Configuring the Vigor2860L and Vigor2925L for LTE Internet access

This application note will show you how to configure the Vigor2860L and Vigor2925L series router to enable 4G communication via the integrated LTE modem.


View the full application note:

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