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Vigor2952P – Business Level Router with 4 x PoE Ports (New Arrival)


Router Overview

The Vigor2952P Dual-WAN broadband router features a Gigabit Ethernet WAN interface and a Gigabit Ethernet/SFP combo port for Optic Fibre or Gigabit Ethernet WAN connection. It also features 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports as well as comprehensive Firewall and VPN capabilities. With 2 Ethernet WAN ports, this router is fit for technology types FTTP, HFC, Satellite and Direct Wireless deployed by NBN in Australia and UFB in New Zealand.

The Dual-WAN and 3G/4G capacity with Load Balance and Failover allow for flexible and secure Internet access options. In addition, features such as the Object-oriented SPI Firewall, comprehensive 100 VPN tunnels, and Gigabit LAN speed, make this router an ideal solution for SOHO to business applications.

The Vigor2952P router is a PoE capable router with 4 x PoE LAN ports providing a total of 60 Watts of power, and is an ideal solution where PoE devices such as Wireless Access Points or IP cameras are deployed on the network.

The Central Management features provide a centralized console to manage your network. This includes: AP Management to configure and to manage up to 20 DrayTek Access Points, VPN Management to configure and to manage up to 8 VPN tunnels and Switch Management to configure and to manage up to 10 DrayTek switches.

The Smart Monitor traffic analyzer can be used with Vigor2952P to record and report network traffic and activity, improving network efficiency and security. Up to 100 nodes can be monitored using Smart Monitor.

This router comes with a metal housing and can be easily rack mounted in a standard 19” rack or cabinet.

Router Key Features

  • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet/SFP combo WAN port
  • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet WAN port
  • Multi-WAN Load Balancing & Failover
  • 4 x Gigabit PoE Ethernet LAN ports with 60,000 NAT sessions
  • Complies with 802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus
  • Supports PoE power up to 30 watts for each port
  • Total PoE power budget up to 60 watts
  • 1 x USB port (USB3.0) support 3G/4G LTE mobile broadband access
  • 100 x VPN and 50 x SSL-VPN tunnels with Central VPN Management, VPN Load Balance and Redundancy
  • High Availability Mode
  • Object-oriented Firewall with Content Security Management (CSM)
  • IPv6 & IPv4
  • Comprehensive QoS features
  • Multi subnet WAN/LAN through 802.1Q
  • 1 x USB port (USB2.0) support file sharing, external storage, network printer or thermometer
  • Central AP Management (up to 30 Access Points)
  • Central Switch Management (up to 10 Switches)
  • Smart Monitor Traffic Analyzer (up to 100 nodes)
  • Works with VigorACS SI management system
  • Rack-mountable
  • 2 years back to base warranty

Multi-WAN Load Balancing & Failover

Vigor2952 Series ports

Few modern businesses can operate without access to the internet and so having a router that can keep you up and running even in Australia’s hotch-potch, disastrous broadband environment is very important. As such it has two Ethernet WAN ports so that if one connection drops out you can instantly fall back onto another. Not only that, one of the ports is usable as an SFP (optical) port to facilitate access at an enterprise-level connectivity.

The USB port provides additional backup networking by operating with 3G and 4G dongles. You can then use load-balancing to split data between connections or simply use connection one as failover in case of problems. To add even more reliability, the router can work in tandem with another in case one fails.

Vigor2952P – PoE (Power over Ethernet Function)


Vigor2952 Series for Branch Offices Deployment


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