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Monthly Archives : April 2017


New Firmware and Application Notes for DrayTek Products (24 April 2017)

New Video
How to restrict incoming connections from the Internet using Vigor2960 router
This video shows how to configure the Vigor2960 router to allow RDP access from one source IP address from the Internet using objects in the firewall configuration. The configuration steps also apply to the Vigor3900 and Vigor300B routers.


New Application Notes


DrayTek VDSL2 and ADSL2+ Modem Routers

VDSL2 is one of the main alternatives for the aging ADSL2+ connections. For up to 1.6 km, it offers faster speeds than ADSL2+ under the same line conditions.

Under the Multi-Technology Mix (MTM) in NBN deployment, VDSL technology has been adopted for a big proportion of the population, including multi-dwelling units,