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DrayTek Weekly Update 31 May 2017

New Video

How to Configure the Vigor130 Router for VDSL2 NBN Network

This video describes the steps required to configure the DrayTek Vigor130 router for VDSL2 NBN connection.

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New Application Notes


How to Disable the WLAN ON/OFF/WPS Switch in Vigor Wireless Routers and Vigor Access Points

Some customers may lose Wi-Fi access in the Vigor Wi-Fi routers and access points due to the WLAN ON/OFF/WPS switch on the side of the router or access point being accidentally pressed. To overcome this DrayTek have added a feature in routers and Access Points to disable this button.

This feature is available in the Vigor2760, Vigor2860, Vigor2925 routers and to the VigorAP 900 and VigorAP 902 access points running the latest firmware.

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How to Restrict Incoming Connections from the Internet using Vigor2960 Router

This application note shows how to configure the Vigor 2960 router using Objects to allow RDP access to a PC on the LAN. This application note also applies to the Vigor3900 router.


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[Vigor3900] What is IPsec Multiple SA (Security Association) for?

Multiple SA is a new feature introduced in firmware version 1.3.0 for the Vigor3900 and Vigor2960.

This application note describes how to use this feature to establish multiple IPSec VPN tunnels within each subnet using one VPN profile.



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How to establish VPN connection from Ubuntu to Vigor Router via PPTP?

This application note shows how to set up Vigor Router as a PPTP VPN server for Ubuntu, and how to establish a PPTP VPN from Ubuntu to the private network of Vigor Router. Currently, only PPTP is supported natively between Vigor Router and Ubuntu.

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Three-Sides Communication through VPN.

This application note provides an example showing how to create IPSec LAN to LAN VPN tunnels between the Head office and branch offices and allows communication between the branch offices through the head office network.

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How to prevent the LAN clients from the possible Punycode Phishing Attack?

“Punycode” is a way to represent Unicode within the limited character subset of ASCII used for Internet host names. However, this may cause some security issues where some letters are very similar to another one in different languages. Therefore, it is a possible that this may be exploited by hackers constructed a fake website designed to steal visitor’s personal information.

This application note shows how to use URL and DNS filtering to block Punycode where the URLs usually start with “xn--“.

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How to change the Web Content Filter (WCF) service provider between BPjM and Cyren?

This application note shows a method to change the active web content filter if you had accidentally selected the wrong WCF trial licence.

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[Vigor3900] How to do Server Load Balance?

In firmware version 1.3.0 for the Vigor3900 and Vigor2960, the server load balance feature can open the same public port to different local IP addresses or different ports.
This feature can be used to load balance several servers in the local area network, and provide one public IP and port incoming client connections from the internet.

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Why is my router responding on port 80?

This application note explains why the router responds to port 80 from the Internet even though the management port may be changed to a different value.


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Firmware Updates

Vigor130 V3.8.1.1


  • Add SNMP OID for router WAN gateway, maximum line speed upstream and connection up time.
  • VLAN tag 2 could not be used under bridge mode.

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VigorNIC 132/F V3.8.1.1


  • Add SNMP OID for router WAN gateway, maximum line speed up stream and connection up time.
  • VLAN tag 2 could not be used under bridge mode.

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