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Monthly Archives : July 2017


DrayTek Workshop Invitation (17 August 2017)

To present participants with the principles and configuration procedures for Multi-WAN and associated functions, including Load Balance, Failover and High Availability, and VLAN. (Please bring your NB/PC for the hands-on sessions).
Intended Participants:
DrayTek resellers, system integrators, network administrators, etc.
Registration fee:
$250 on application; the fee will be returned after the attendance.


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New Firmware and Application Notes for DrayTek Products (6 July 2017)

New Application Notes

High Availability
What is High Availability?
High Availability provides hardware redundancy to the LAN clients. This application note gives an overview of the High Availability feature in DrayTek Routers.


High Availability – Active Standby Configuration
This Application note describes High Availability (HA) using “Active Standby” mode. In the scenario described, we have