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Monthly Archives : October 2017


Security Update : WPA2 Krack vulnerability – what you should know and do about it according to DrayTek Corp.

A new vulnerability could impact all devices using WPA2 protocols to secure their Wi-Fi networks, according to a report released by US-CERT.  More details in the blog article:

The weakness in the WPA2 protocol allows for attackers to not only read and steal information transmitted across Wi-Fi, but also potentially manipulate

New Firmware and Application Notes for DrayTek Products ( 25 October 2017)

New Video

DrayTek Load Balance Route Policy
Load Balance/Route Policy is a feature in DrayTek routers where a set of defined rules or “policies” directs traffic to the specified interface when conditions are met. This video provides an overview of this feature.

New Application Notes

Introduction of DrayTek AP Management(APM) Solutions
This application note gives