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Monthly Archives : August 2018


Free Webinar, New Firmware and Application Notes for DrayTek Products (13 August 2018)

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DrayTek Workshop Highlight
This video gives an overview of a DrayTek workshop held recently. It describes the workshop content including topics covered and workshop exercises. Topics covered in this workshop were DrayTek WAN Connectivity Options, Multi-WAN and Network Reliability in DrayTek Routers and VLAN and its applications.

High Availability using DrayTek

Firmware Updates for Vigor2862 and Vigor2926

Firmware Updates

Firmware Updates for Vigor2862 and Vigor2926
DrayTek has recently released firmware version for the Vigor2862 series and Vigor2926 series routers. This firmware has a number of improvements including fixes for possible Wi-Fi issues as listed below.

If you currently own a Vigor2862ac, Vigor2862Vac, Vigor2862Lac router or a Vigor2926ac, Vigor2926Vac, Vigor2926Lac