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Monthly Archives : September 2018


New Firmware and Application Notes for DrayTek Products (13 September 2018)

Latest Video

How to Configure TPG NBN HFC Settings in Draytek Routers
This video describes the configuration of DrayTek Vigor broadband routers when used with TPG HFC NBN connection.


High Availability using DrayTek Vigor Routers
This video shows how to create reports from VigorACS 2. Reports can be scheduled or can be real-time reports

Improve the security and reliability of your network devices with DrayTek’s VigorACS 2 centralised management system


DrayTek VigorACS 2 Overview Video
VigorACS 2 is an advanaced software that helps you to configure, monitor and maintain your DrayTek devices remotely. Check out this video overview to learn how it can help you to accelerate deployment and ensure maximum uptime of your all important networks.

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