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DrayTek 2016 Product Update

Introduction to DrayTek 4G LTE Routers

This webinar presentation will introduce you to the latest addition in the DrayTek product range, Vigor2860L/Ln and Vigor2925L/Ln 4G LTE routers. These routers have an integrated 4G LTE modem with the router and will accept SIM cards from the major service providers in Australia and New Zealand.

The presentation will give you an overview of the new features of these routers and discuss some of the benefits and applications from using these routers.

DrayTek Switching Solutions

DrayTek provide a range of VigorSwitch products to suit small to medium sized business applications. With the latest router and switch firmware currently under development, DrayTek provides an integrated platform to manage and configure your network.

This webinar will give you an overview of the VigorSwitch features as well as a discussion of the latest development, Central Switch Management, which allows you to centrally manage and configure your switching network from a central console.

Quality of Service (QoS) in DrayTek Routers

Quality of service (QoS) is a feature provided in DrayTek routers to guarantee a certain level of performance to data flow for certain applications. The webinar will give an overview of QoS, describing its features and also give you an understanding of how it can benefit you and your customers.

DrayTek VPN Solutions

The presentation gives an overview of DrayTek’s VPN Solutions. It will include a description of the different types of VPN’s available and its uses as well as the protocols used and how they apply to DrayTek routers. It will also include a discussion of available software tools to simplify creation of LAN to LAN VPN tunnels and its management.

VLAN and its Applications

This webinar provides an overview of VLAN and its applications in DrayTek routers and how it can be used in small and medium sized networks. The presentation will describe what is a VLAN and the advantages of both port based and tagged based VLANs.

WAN Connectivity Options

This webinar provides an overview of DrayTek routers’ WAN connectivity options and how they can be used in a business or home network.

Some of the topics covered include Multi-WAN function, WAN page configuration, and NBN connectivity. It includes a configuration example using the DrayTek Vigor2925 router to connect to DoDo NBN.

DrayTek Content Security Management (CSM) Features and Configuration Options

Content Security Management (CSM) is a powerful tool in DrayTek routers. It is used to control traffic to the Internet including, web content, web applications, messenger applications, Peer to Peer (P2P) applications, various protocols and other types of applications. CSM simplifies complicated traditional firewall configuration by selecting and enabling objects in the menu options.

This webinar gives an overview of CSM describing each of its features. It also includes a configuration example where both the URL filter and DNS filter are used to block HTTPS web sites.

DrayTek's Latest Solution for Multiple Wi-Fi AP Deployment

DrayTek provides a range of Wi-Fi solutions for SOHO and small business users. The latest mid-range router models provide wireless access point management. This enables the system integrator or network administrator to easily deploy and manage a Wi-Fi network using DrayTek devices.

This webinar covers a number of topics that include the current status of Wi-Fi technology followed by an overview of DrayTek wireless access point devices. Then this is followed by a Wi-Fi deployment example and a discussion of DrayTek’s AP Management Tool.

DrayTek VigorACS SI - Features and Benefits

DrayTek VigorACS SI is a TR-069 based centralized management system for DrayTek’s Vigor devices. With a user friendly interface, it allows System Integrators or Network Administrators to configure, monitor and manage DrayTek devices remotely from the comfort of their offices or homes.

This webinar gave an overview of DrayTek VigorACS-SI covering its key features and shows how you or your customers can benefit by using this centralised Management system. Features include:

  • Scheduled firmware upgrade
  • Ability to backup & restore configuration files
  • Easily create VPN tunnels
  • Copy parameters
  • Send email notification when devices are disconnected
  • Extensive reporting – System logs, statistics, etc.
  • Remote Auto Provisioning and Status Monitoring
  • Dynamic and Scheduled Service Provisioning
  • Real Time Alarm Management
  • Topology Management
  • Show device information
  • Security and User Group Management

Latest Cost Effective NBN Ready Broadband VPN Firewall Router Solution

This webinar gives an overview of the latest addition to the DrayTek product range that provides a cost effective high speed solution for NBN requirements of a SOHO or small business user as well as suiting the requirements for a high speed home router.

The router featured here is the DrayTek Vigor2120 broadband router. This router is a single WAN VPN/ firewall router providing network security through robust firewall and web content filtering features.

DrayTek Smart Monitor Advanced Network Traffic Analyzer

This webinar provides an overview of DrayTek Smart Monitor software and how it can benefit you and your customers.

DrayTek Smart Monitor is free advanced software that works with most DrayTek routers. It allows network administrators to monitor network usage by category. It records the required data and presents it in various reporting formats. Smart Monitor is suitable for small to medium sized businesses and it will help to improve efficiency and assist in detecting potential network problems.

Load Balance / Route Policy in DrayTek Routers

DrayTek have enhanced the load balance / route policy feature in the latest firmware release for the Vigor2860 and Vigor2925 routers.

This webinar describes what is load balance route policy and why DrayTek have added these features. An overview of these new features will be covered along with a few configuration examples.

Central VPN Management

DrayTek’s Central VPN Management (CVM) is a new feature introduced in Draytek routers to simplify the process of setting up a VPN connection between the central router and multiple remote sites.

This webinar provides an overview of what central VPN management is and how you can benefit by using it. It also provides a demonstration of the configuration process. Once the devices and the VPN type are selected, the routers will be automatically configured in the background and the VPN tunnels brought online.