• NBN Ready to connect to NTD (Network Termination Device)
  • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet WAN port
  • 2 x USB ports for 3G/4G access, FTP server and Network printers
  • Load Balance and Failover functions for WAN and USB 3G/4G WAN
  • 4 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports with 30,000 NAT sessions
  • NAT throughput over 450Mbps
  • Object-based SPI Firewall, Content Security Management (CSM) and QoS

  • IPv6 & IPv4
  • 2 x VPN tunnels including 2 x SSL-VPN

  • 802.11n Wi-Fi (n/ac/Vac model)
  • 802.11ac (AC1200) Wi-Fi, up to 300 + 867Mbps speed (ac/Vac model)
  • 2 x FXS VoIP (Vac model)
  • Central AP Management for deployment of up to 2 wireless VigorAPs
  • Supports VigorACS 2 Central Management System for remote management
  • 2 years back to base warranty


The DrayTek Vigor2133 Series high-performance routers are designed for super-fast broadband networks. Features include 1x Gigabit Ethernet WAN port for Internet access and 3G/4G backup provided via the 2 USB ports by attaching a supported 3G/4G USB modem. 802.1Q VLAN support is also featured, allowing triple-play services to be delivered to your home network. Business-grade features including an extensive Firewall with Content Filtering, VPN and Bandwidth Management make the Vigor2133 series routers a perfect solution for home office and teleworkers. The Vigor2133Vac model also has 2 FXS ports to attach two analogue phones for a VoIP gateway.

Built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi (ac/Vac model)

The Vigor2133ac and Vigor2133Vac models include integrated 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi delivering wireless throughput up to 867 Mbps. Business-grade Wi-Fi features include AirTime Fairness, Router-Assisted Roaming and Band-Steering to ensure a smooth wireless connection for HD videos, gaming and internet phones.

Bandwidth Management with Intelligent VoIP QoS

QoS allows network administrators to set priorities for certain types of traffic such as VoIP or video streaming to ensure the best level of performance is achieved, even under network congestion. Traffic type can be assigned to each of three QoS classes and reserved bandwidth allocated. The Vigor2133Vac model also has a “VoIP QoS” feature to guarantee priority for VoIP calls. This ensures good call quality even when Internet bandwidth is limited.

In addition, the bandwidth usage of each LAN client can be managed via the Session Limit and Bandwidth Limit features. “Smart Bandwidth Limit” allows bandwidth limits to be applied only to PCs running inappropriate applications such as P2P downloads.


The Vigor2133 series have 4 x Gigabit LAN ports and support for up to 30,000 NAT sessions.

Port-based and 802.1q tagged VLANs are also featured. Port based VLANs allow the assignment of a VLAN and an IP subnet to each of the router’s LAN ports. 802.1q tagged VLANs can extend up to 8 VLANs and four IP subnets to an attached switch.


The Vigor2133 series have powerful firewall features including an object-oriented SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) firewall, DoS (Denial of Services), CSM (Content Security Management) and WCF (Web Content Filter).

The Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) Firewall monitors incoming and outgoing packets at layer 3 (OSI model) and passes or blocks data packets based on the configuration.

The DoS feature protects the network against unwanted access requests from DoS attacks.

CSM enables network administrators to control and manage IM (Instant Messenger) and P2P (Peer-to-Peer) applications. For example, to keep network users from accessing inappropriate content and reducing network traffic efficiency.

WCF classifies all websites into 64 categories, allowing network administrators to select categories to protect users from undesirable website content. DrayTek uses the CYREN WCF database for its Vigor routers, and each router includes a free 30-day trial license.

The object-based firewall provides flexibility by using Objects in the firewall settings. Objects can be created and placed in groups according to IP, service type, keyword, file extension and so on. This allows a filter rule to be applied to many IP addresses, reducing the number of firewall filters required. In addition, these objects and groups can be reused for other firewall settings, resulting in a reduction in the amount of work required to create multiple firewall rules.

Firewall rules can also be applied to a Time Schedule to control access to the Internet or network services according to predetermined time slots. Up to 4-time schedules can be applied to each firewall filter rule. For example, social media can be restricted during work hours but allowed outside work hours in a company.

High-Performance VPN

The Vigor2133 series routers allow up to 2 concurrent VPN connections, including 2 x SSL-VPN tunnels. LAN-to-LAN VPN connections between local networks and the main office allow all hosts at a remote network to access the main office network without requiring individual dial-up VPN connections.

The Vigor2133 series can also act as VPN servers, allowing up to two dial-in VPN connections.

Supported VPN protocols include PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, IKEv2, L2TP over IPSec, and SSL-VPN.
SSL technology allows secure Web encryption such as used for on-line banking. The Vigor2133 series supports SSL-VPNs in Full Tunnel mode or Proxy mode.

Central AP Management

The Vigor2133 series support Central AP Management (APM) with a console to auto-configure and manage up to 2 directly connected (via LAN cables) Draytek wireless Access Points, including the VigorAP 800, VigorAP 810, VigorAP 900 & VigorAP 910C.

The Dashboard feature displays statuses such as traffic and the number of attached stations of all attached Access Points.

With Auto Provisioning enabled on the attached Access Points, WLAN profiles can be created and applied to selected Access Points from the central console.

The AP Maintenance feature allows a number of actions to be programmed on selected Access Points, including Configuration Backup and Restore, Firmware Upgrade, Remote Reboot and Factory Reset.

The connected Access Points can also be displayed on a map or floor plan to show their locations with basic descriptions. Other features include Traffic Graph, Rogue AP detection, Event Log, Total Traffic, Station number and Access Point load balancing.

Remote Access Management

The Vigor2133 series include a number of management options to provide both local and remote access to monitor and manage the router.

The TR-069 feature integrates with the VigorACS 2 centralised management system. This can be used to allow system integrators or network administrators to configure, monitor and manage the Vigor2133 series remotely from the comfort of their offices or homes. It can also be used to Auto-Provision the Vigor2133 series remotely by sending configuration data to the router. The 3 wizards: Configuration Wizard, VPN Wizard and Firmware Upgrade Wizard, allow network administrators to quickly and easily carry out complex tasks.

Alarm & Log Management features ensure real time notifications and alerts to specified phone numbers or email accounts to report any faults or issues with connected CPEs.
A number of diagnostic functions, including a Data Flow Monitor, a Traffic Graph and a Syslog Explorer, are also available to allow network administrators to monitor and troubleshoot any network issues.

Like all Vigor routers, the Vigor2133 series support several management options including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH, Telnet and SNMP.


Gigabit WAN1111
Gigabit LAN4444
VPN Tunnels2222
Wireless LAN
11n11ac (AC1200)11ac (AC1200)
VoIP (2xFXS)


WAN Port1x 10/100/1000Base-TX, RJ-45
LAN Port4x 10/100/1000Base-TX, RJ-45
USB Port2x USB 2.0 for 3G/4G/LTE USB modem, storage, printer or thermometer
2.4G WLAN300Mbps 802.11n (n/ac/Vac model)
5G WLAN867Mbps 802.11ac Wave 2 (ac/Vac model)
FXS RJ-112 (Vac model)
NAT Throughput500 Mbps
NAT Throughput w/ Hardware Acceleration900 Mbps
IPsec VPN Performance70 Mbps (AES 256 bits)
SSL VPN Performance40 Mbps
Max. Number of NAT Sessions30,000
Max. Concurrent VPN Tunnels2
Max. Concurrent OpenVPN + SSL VPN2
Internet Connection
IPv6PPP, DHCPv6, Static IP, TSPC, AICCU, 6rd, 6in4 Static Tunnel
WAN Failover
WAN Active on DemandLink Failure, Traffic Threshold
Connection DetectionARP, Ping
WAN Data Budget
Dynamic DNS
LAN Management
VLAN802.1q Tag-based, Port-based
Max. Number of VLAN8
DHCP ServerMultiple IP Subnet, Custom DHCP Options, Bind-IP-to-MAC
Wired 802.1x Authentication
Port Mirroring
Local DNS Server
Conditional DNS Forwarding
Hotspot Web Portal
Hotspot AuthenticationClick-Through, Social Login, SMS PIN
RoutingIPv4 Static Routing, IPv6 Static Routing, Inter-VLAN Routing, RIP
Policy-based RoutingProtocol, IP Address, Port, Domain
DNS Security (DNSSEC)
MulticastIGMP Proxy, IGMP Snooping & Fast Leave, Bonjour
SMB File Sharing (Requires external storage)
ProtocolsPPTP, L2TP, IPsec, L2TP over IPsec, SSL, GRE, IKEv2, IKEv2-EAP, OpenVPN
User AuthenticationLocal, RADIUS, LDAP, TACACS+, mOTP
IKE AuthenticationPre-Shared Key, X.509
IPsec AuthenticationSHA1, SHA256, MD5
VPN RedundancyLoad Balancing, Failover
Single-Armed VPN
NAT-Traversal (NAT-T)
Firewall & Content Filtering
NATPort Redirection, Open Ports, Port Triggering, DMZ Host, UPnP
ALG (Application Layer Gateway)SIP, RTSP, FTP, H.323
VPN Pass-ThroughPPTP, L2TP, IPsec
IP-based Firewall Policy
Content FilteringApplication, URL, DNS Keyword, Web Features, Web Category (subscription required)
DoS Attack Defence
Bandwidth Management
IP-based Bandwidth Limit
IP-based Session Limit
QoS (Quality of Service)TOS, DSCP, 802.1p, IP Address, Port, Application
VoIP Prioritization
Wireless LAN (n/ac/Vac model)
Number of SSID4 per radio band
SecurityWEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS
AuthenticationPre-Shared Key, 802.1x
AirTime Fairness
Band Steering (ac model)
WDSBridge, Repeater
Access ControlAccess List, Client Isolation, Hide SSID, Wi-Fi Scheduling
Wireless LAN (n/ac/Vac model)
Number of SSID4 per radio band
SecurityWEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS
AuthenticationPre-Shared Key, 802.1x
AirTime Fairness
Band Steering (ac model)
WDSBridge, Repeater
Access ControlAccess List, Client Isolation, Hide SSID, Wi-Fi Scheduling
VoIP Gateway (Vac model)
SIP Registrars12
Dial PlanPhone Book, Digit Map, Call Barring, Regional
Call FeaturesCall Waiting, Call Transfer, Scheduled DND, Hotline
Voice CodecG.711 A/u law, G.723.1, G.726, G.729 A/B
Local ServiceHTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SSH, TR-069
Config File Export & Import
Config File CompatibilityVigor2132 Series
Firmware UpgradeTFTP, HTTP, TR-069
2-Level Administration Privilege
Access ControlAccess List, Brute Force Protection
Notification AlertSMS, E-mail
SNMPv2, v2c, v3
Managed by VigorACS
Central AP Management2 VigorAP
Power SupplyDC 12V @ 2A
Dimension207mm x 131mm x 39mm
Operating Temperature0 to 45°C
Storage Temperature-25 to 70°C
Operating Humidity (non-condensing)10 to 90%

DrayTek Vigor2133Vac Review Published in APC Magazine Issue 472 – Oct 2019


DrayTek Vigor2133 Series Router Range