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VigorConnect (FREE)

TR-069 Based Local Network Management Software for DrayTek’s APs and Switches

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  • Real-time network status monitoring
  • Automatic remote service provisioning for DrayTek’s APs and switches
  • Scheduled firmware upgrades
  • Device performance reporting and system logging
  • Scheduled back-up and restore of configuration data
  • AP & Wireless Management


TR-069 Based Local Network Management for DrayTek’s APs and Switches

VigorConnect is a TR-069 based management system to manage up to 100 DrayTek’s APs/switches on the local network. It will allow the network administrator to monitor, manage and configure these devices installed on the local network.

This management tool is suitable for businesses having multiple DrayTek’s APs and switches located within the building on the local LAN. It is free and is suitable for small networks not requiring the advanced functionality of a central management system such as VigorACS 2.

Current firmware, V1.1.2 supports AP management; switch management will be supported in later firmware.

VigorConnect – AP Management

VigorConnect software provides centralized AP management for DrayTek TR-069 based access points. Features include device status, monitor status of devices and performing scheduled tasks such as firmware upgrade, configuration backup/restore and parameter profile for mass deployment of AP devices.

Supported devices

ModelFirmware Requirement
VigorAP 710v1.2.3 or later
VigorAP 810v1.2.3 or later
VigorAP 902v1.2.3 or later
VigorAP 903v1.2.3 or later
VigorAP 910Cv1.2.3 or later
VigorAP 920R Seriesv1.2.3 or later

* Currently only the Windows version is available.


Usage Instructions and Application Notes

  • Overview
  • Device Discovery

    Automatically discover DrayTek Vigor Access Points on the local LAN and auto configure TR-069 settings.

    Network Overview

    Network-based management.
    Group devices to provision based on network assignment.

    Dashboard View

    Dashboard view provides a comprehensive details of device status, such as AP online/offline status, SSIDs, channels, and clients, etc.


    Get notified when an Access Point loses connectivity or when rogue Access Points are nearby. In addition, VigorConnect displays CPU Usage, Memory Usage, client number history as well as display Access Points on a floor plan to aid placement during deployment.


    Upload a preconfigured AP profile to selected Access Points in the network to quickly set up the wireless network within a few minutes.

    Device Maintenance

    VigorConnect allows regular maintenance tasks such as firmware upgrades, configuration backups and restorations to be automated and be carried out from a central console.
    For example, firmware upgrades can be applied to a single device or a batch of devices. They can also be scheduled to start at a pre-defined time.

    Alarm & Log Management

    VigorConnect records and displays real time alarms showing the type of fault conditions.

    The reports list the date, time, alarm type, level and acknowledge status. You can examine the alarm details and system logs to determine the nature of the faults.

    The Log View page displays CPE actions such as inform and CPE parameter changes.