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Version Information

Firmware Version3.7.2
Release Date25/05/2018
Support LanguageEnglish

Firmware Downloads

Vigor120_V2_v3.7.2_A_STD.zipAnnex A for modem code 321311 STD
Vigor120_V2_v3.7.2_A_310801.zipAnnex A for modem code 310801
Vigor120_V2_v3.7.2_A_310811.zipAnnex A for modem code 310811
Vigor120_V2_v3.7.2_A_3211201.zipAnnex A_2 for modem code 3211201
Vigor120_V2_v3.7.2_A_332201.zipAnnex A_2 for modem code 332201
Vigor120_V2_v3.7.2_A_3431301.zipAnnex A_2 for modem code 3431301
Vigor120_V2_v3.7.2_A_343601.zipAnnex A_2 for modem code 343601
Vigor120_V2_v3.7.2_A_343701.zipAnnex A_2 for modem code 343701
Vigor120_V2_v3.7.2_A_344001.zipAnnex A_2 for modem code 344001
Vigor120_V2_v3.2.8.2_A_344101.zipAnnex A_2 for modem code 344101
Vigor120_V2_v3.7.2_A_3471101.zipAnnex A_2 for modem code 3471101
Draytek provides various modem codes for getting better operability with different ISPs/ IPDSLAMs. Please use the standard modem code in general and try the others while meeting interoperability (IOP) issues.

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