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VigorPhone 350

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Version Information

Firmware Version12202.26.1.11
Release Date11/12/2013
Support LanguageEnglish

Firmware Downloads

VigorPhone350_v12202.26.1.11_TFTP.zipFirmware v12202.26.1.11 (via TFTP)
Firmware v12202.26.1.11 (via TFTP)
1. Firmware v12202.26.1.07H_1FULL
2. Firmware v12202.26.1.11_FULL
If the firmware in the device is 12202.26.1.07 or earlier, please follow the steps as below to upgrade the firmware,
Step 1: 12202.26.1.07H_1FULL.img [via TFTP] (upgrade boot loader)
Step 2: 12202.26.1.11_FULL.img [via TFTP] (upgrade firmware)
VigorPhone350_v12202.26.1.11_web.zipFirmware v12202.26.1.11 (via Web)
Firmware upgrade will cause device configuration reset to default. Please backup the System Configuration if necessary before the upgrade process.
FAQ+Upgrade+VigorPhone350.pdfSteps for VigorpPhone 350 Firmware upgrade.

Product Images

VP350_500VigorPhone 350