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Most Frequently Asked Questions

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1.What is the difference between Firmware files?Learn more
2.Configuring the Vigor120 Router for Bridge ModeLearn more
3.Configuring the VigorAP 800 as wireless RepeaterLearn more
4.Changing Default LAN IP Address in Vigor2860/Vigor2925Learn more
5.Abnormal Firmware ConditionsLearn more
6.How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2925 Router to DoDo NBNLearn more
7.I just bought a Vigor Router and I can’t connect to the Internet. What should I do?Learn more
8.How to Use Multiple SSID / Multiple subnets on Access PointLearn more
9.Configuring Vigor2760 Delight for Ethernet WAN ConnectionLearn more
10.How to setup Smart MonitorLearn more
11.Configuring and using Access Point Management in Vigor2860 & Vigor2925 RoutersLearn more
12.How to setup IPsec LAN to LAN VPN tunnel Main Mode between two Vigor RoutersLearn more
13.Setting up port redirection on Vigor RouterLearn more
14.How to set up LAN to LAN PPTP VPN connection Vigor Router to Vigor RouterLearn more
15.Vigor2960 / Vigor3900 / Vigor300B 4G ConfigurationLearn more
16.How to configure Point to Point Bridging between two wireless Access PointsLearn more
17.How to Configure the DrayTek Vigor2860 and Vigor2925 Routers for 4G USB WAN ConnectionsLearn more
18.How to register a CPE device into DrayTek VigorACS SILearn more
19.How to use URL Filter with DNS Filter to block a HTTPS WebsiteLearn more
20.Creating VPN tunnels using DrayTek VigorACS SILearn more
21.Configuring ADSL connection in DrayTek RoutersLearn more
22.Configuring BigPond 3G with Vigor2820 routerLearn more