About DrayTek Corp.

DrayTek Corp. develops and markets broadband Customer Premise Equipment focusing on products of ADSL Router / Wireless solution for ADSL Router / ADSL Modem / ISDN TA / ISDN Router. The user-friendly web configuration and management tools enable single users, multi-PC households, SOHOs and medium/distributed enterprises easily to exchange information throuth Internet linkage.

DrayTek Corp. delivers services through integrating brain-intensive technology development and marketing resources to fulfill fast growing IT markets. These target services include DSL services with ISDN dial-backup, versatile VPN/IPSec solution and USB Terminal Adaptor/ Broadband Router.


There was a time when hearing of DrayTek was nothing less than a new name of numerous Taiwanese IT companies. Nobody thought that much of it. But years on, DrayTek undiminished strength has put focus on its innovative and state-of-the-art telecommunications applications. Our series products demonstrate our emphases on customers’ needs, and will keep dedicating ourselves to develop the user-friendly and cost-effective trendy telecommunication products with the best level of quality.

DrayTek product lines range from enterprise-level Firewall Security, mission-critical VPN facilities for SOHO, versatile xDSL-customer-premise-devices such as USB ADSL modem, ADSL routers, WLAN-built-in ADSL routers, VoIP-built-in ADSL routers, ADSL router with ISDN backup, USB-based broadband router, WLAN access solution, ISDN router, USB ISDN TA to future trendy telecommunications products. We also keep in step with market and adjust our direction to fulfil customer need.

Moreover, constant awards and terrific testing verdict of our products illustrate all of our brain-intensive efforts. From ADSL Guide, CHIP,C’t, Internet World, IT Review, MacWelt, MacUP, MacProfiler, PC Direkt, PC go, PC Magazin, PC PRO, PC World in Norway, Tietokone in Finland, all gave us very good honors. We aslo won many tenders in Europe, and cooperated with the local telecoms, such as Axelero (Hungary), Eircom (Ireland),Eterra (Norway), GTS DataNet (Hungary), KPN (The Netherlands), XS4ALL and Zonnet in The Netherlands, Schlund (Germany), Siol (Slovenia), TP SA(Poland), WANADOO (France).

Looking back the past years is like browsing the photo album of a baby’s growth. We are still young, but we have been ready for any challenges in the coming future. We strongly believe, we are not only a manufacturer; we are also a brain-intensive innovator.